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Description: My name is karen daniela Gonzalez

Prada am 15 years old I am eleventh grade in the

school San Isidoro, I consider myself a very

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Description: here it is me who is to out

of my house, in this image there is seen

the direction from which I live with my family.

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Description: his name is marcela

prada she is 32 years old my

mother is a very pretty woman

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Description: his name is Danny

Martin Gonzalez he is my father You have 35

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Description: my brothers' names

are Leidy and felipe My brothers

are very imperatives sometimes

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Description: in this image we see to

my beautiful pet that is called salvador

Gonzalez, she is 1 year old

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Decrptión: In this photo I am

with my friend Karen Vasquez,

she is the best friend I have

are united and the best

company I have.

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Description: I like listening

to music, I feel happy, I do

it because I feel that They

are medicine to my problems

It is my addiction.


these are some of my school

friends are very Funny and cheerful


I want to study at university Nacional the Colombia

Business International

I am studying what I've always liked


I work in about 7 years and earning a lot of money


study when you leave I will go to Bogota to live


we are isidoristas of heart, this school has been like our second home

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Karen Daniela Gonzalez Prada

Institución Educativa San Isidoro

Grado: Once-1 Jornada Mañana

Espinal Tolima


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